While Astrid may be one of the leading to-do lists on Android, there is a considerable amount of innovation to be done in the world of keeping track of things that need doing. Apparently! Enter Wunderlist, an app that Matt liked well enough, but couldn't quite manage to make him keep coming back. Perhaps today's update will change his mind, though, as it brings a host of new features such as improvements to the UI, push notifications, Smart lists, and a better widget.

wunderlist1 wunderlist2 wunderlist3

The previous iteration of this app had a nice-looking wooden background but, that aside, it still used the old Gingerbread-style tabs to switch sections. This has been replaced with that sidebar navigation thing that we've been growing so attached to. You can even slide it out with a gesture like most—but not all *coughGoogle+cough*—apps that utilize this feature. The whole UI has also been tweaked to make it look more consistent and pretty. Of course, while it does adhere to Android guidelines to an extent (the Action Bar, Fragments, etc.), the skeumorphism smacks more than a little of iOS. Still, it's not a carbon-copy of it's Apple-y counterpart.

Outside the UI, even more new features abound. Reminders keep you notified of things to get done, you can share to-dos or lists via Facebook, email, or to your phone contacts, the widget has been updated (and it's resizable! Yay!), and push notifications have been added. All together, it's a pretty substantial update that actually seems to give Astrid a run for its money.