Bitcasa, the cloud storage offering that launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2011, is finally starting to make some headway in the mobile scene. The service - which will offer completely unlimited cloud storage for $10 a month, but is completely free for now - just launched its mobile app for Android, and it's actually pretty polished.

For those how may not be familiar with Bitcasa, it's essentially a Dropbox competitor with a twist. You see, Bitcasa doesn't just want to let you store some stuff in the cloud - it wants to help move your entire digital life into the cloud. That may sound scary for some, but one of the service's standout features is that it stores everything in an encrypted format, so the sync system never actually gets "eyes" on your data.

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Also, unlike Dropbox, Bitcasa doesn't require your files to be locally stored on your PC. In fact, when you first install the application, it encourages you to transfer all data from your local drive to Bitcasa's "Infinite Drive." Since it features full shell integration, you can still access all files from your PC like normal, they'll just be stored elsewhere. Of course, that has its drawbacks, as you can't access anything while offline (but, really, how often could that happen?). Thankfully, that's completely optional.

The Android app is laid out quite nicely, with a simple, intuitive interface. From the app, you can access everything stored in your Infinite Drive, and it even breaks everything down in to categories for easy navigation. Everything about the app is centered around media - pictures, music, videos, and even documents - as it features built-in image viewer, as well as audio and video streamer. Basically, you can do almost anything you need from within the app. You can also save files for offline access by "favoriting" them.

Bitcasa is free for the time being, but even after it goes paid after the first of next year, you will still be able to store up to 10GB in your Infinite Drive for no cost. To learn more about Bitcasa, head here - to check out the app, hit the widget.

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