Ah, the holidays. Nothing says family togetherness like carols, eggnog, and a horde of ravenous undead monsters trying to gobble your brains like gingerbread. Madfinger's popular zombie shooter Dead Trigger has been updated once again: after the crowd-pleasing Halloween content, they've gone and added Christmas-themed levels. You'd better hope for some ammunition in your stocking.

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In addition to a new North Pole Christmas Arena, you'll get to face off against new boss Zanta. (Zombie Santa? Christopher Moore would be proud.) A shiny new grenade launcher should make his torso shake like a bowl full of jelly, and there are new story missions to while away the cold winter nights. Since Dead Trigger is supported solely by in-app purchases, Madfinger has reduced the price on some of the weapons, not to mention a few memory tweaks for older devices. The update is live in the Play Store.