Google's holding a holiday promo of sorts over the next couples of weeks (and it seems to be US-only), and every day will bring a new "surprise" on the Play Store. Through the 1st of January, every day a new promotional offer will appear on the Play Store. Today's offer isn't exactly earth-shattering - $35 off a hotel booking in the Hotel Tonight app (a same-day hotel booking service), but we expect at least some of the offers during this promotion will be worth taking advantage of. That's all we really know for now, and we'll be sure to keep you in the loop about worthwhile deals during this promo in the coming weeks.

Screenshot_2012-12-17-09-00-30 Screenshot_2012-12-17-09-00-40

To see the deals, just open up the Play Store, and you should see the "To: You / From: Us" splash as in the screenshot above.

Thanks, Alberto!