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If you're looking for a Twitter client on Android, you won't be pressed for a lack of choices (just look at the poll options below). But what you may be pressed for is equivalent functionality, speed, and features across those various options. Everyone has specific needs when it comes to social media, and this has led to a rather large 3rd party Twitter client ecosystem. Many people, for example, can't live without a Twitter client that doesn't also do Facebook - like Seesmic, TweetDeck, or HootSuite. Some, though, want the simplest, fastest experience possible, a demand that clients like Falcon Pro attempt to cater to.

Me? I'm still pretty happy with the official Twitter app. No, it doesn't follow Holo guidelines. No, it doesn't support Facebook. But it's fast (I still say faster than Falcon Pro), well laid-out, and does what I need it to do.

That said, many Android users also seem to love hating the official Twitter app, and Twitter's draconian API policy certainly isn't doing anything to win it any new fans. So, what's your Twitter consumption client of choice?

What Twitter client do you use most often?

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