Quick quiz: can you name how many different beers you've had in the last week, their country of origin, and their brew style? Do you know what beer to recommend with barbeque shrimp? Have you ever successfully used the word "mouthfeel" in a sentence? Then Beer Citizen is for you. It follows the basic formula for enthusiast "social" apps (in other words, just like BeerAdvocate) but presents all that information in a mobile-friendly format that's got more taste and is less filling.

Friends, reviews, photo annotations - it's all here. The sliders for different qualities is a nice touch for those who want to get really specific. There are Foursquare-style check ins, location-based events, and even custom beer profiles if you find something that no one else has, or you want to add your own home brew to the database. Pedantic? Perhaps. Pretentious? Certainly. But for some folks, there's nothing better than finding a new Hefeweizen. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some black lager chilling in the fridge.

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Beer Citizen
Beer Citizen
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