People in the UK have long been able to purchase apps and other goodies from the Google Play store using traditional methods, but as of yet there hasn't been an option to buy gift cards for redemption online like you can with other stores.

Fortunately, it looks like that could soon be changing; the Google Play redeem page now allows you to enter a redemption code from a gift card, although you can't actually buy the cards in shops yet. This could be an indication that gift cards are on their way, but we can't confirm this or speculate about a time frame just yet.


Disorganized Christmas shoppers will undoubtedly be hoping that the gift cards make their way onto shop shelves before the holidays are underway, but if Google wanted to roll the service in time for the festive season, they probably would have done it already. Still, we'll be keeping our eyes open for any updates, so don't un-cross those fingers just yet.

Source: Google Wallet via Google Plus

(Thanks, Lee!)