When AudioGalaxy comes to mind, I think of the music download service from back in the day that was anything but legit. Of course, the service did turn itself around and get on the right side of the law after a bit, and has since become a fairly popular music streaming service with internet radio. Looks like the AG days are quickly coming to an end, though, as the company was just purchased by Dropbox.


According to a blog post on the AudioGalaxy site, the company is no longer accepting new users, and current users will only be able to use the streaming features until some time next year. This, of course, basically means that DropBox will be shutting the service down.

Perhaps we'll see AG emerge from the ashes as part of Dropbox - it's hard to say for sure, as both companies are being coy about future plans. Only time will tell, but I, for one, am pretty excited at the prospects of streaming media becoming part of the cloud storage service I can't live without. I just hope Dropbox elects a better interface than the existing AG app.