While there may be a lot to like about being a Verizon customer - like coast to coast LTE coverage, for example - there's also a laundry list of things to dislike, too. Close to the top of that list is Verizon's bootloader policy: lock it down tight, to prevent modifications. But, you know just as much as I do, the Android modding community just won't settle for "no, you can't have ROM X on your device."

As such, Verizon's Note II is the newest victim to XDA's freedom fight, with famed hacker Adam Outler ringleading the whole shebang.

The unlock itself doesn't appear to be too difficult, especially for anyone who has used ODIN before. It basically consists of flashing a couple of files, waiting a bit, and... well, that's pretty much it. You'll find all the required files in the description of the above YouTube video, so head that direction to grab everything you need to make it happen.

Good luck!