Sony Digital Network Applications (Sony DNA) today announced Motiongraph – an app that aims to make the creation of cinemagraphs fast and easy for Android users. A cinemagraph, for those who don't know, is a still image with one or two minor elements animated (you can see some great examples here). They're a fascinating medium that can only be achieved digitally, and which have an eerie yet fascinating aesthetic.

Sony's app looks to give users more consistent and controlled results with a simple "rubbing" interface in which areas to be animated are identified by simply highlighting them with your finger.

The app also has built in "loop motion detection" to automatically find areas of interest and their loop patterns. Of course many of you are by now thinking "doesn't Cinemagram do this?" and you're right – Cinemagram, a hugely popular app on iOS, has provided creation and sharing options for cinemagraph enthusiasts for some time now, and its developer confirmed in April that the app would be making its way to Android at some point in the future. The rub, of course, is that we have no idea when that time will come, and Sony's app is here now.

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If you love cinemagraphs, have $0.99 to burn, and don't feel like waiting around for an official Cinemagram app, just hit the widget below to start creating awesome photo gifs.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog