It's always exciting to see a new app hit the Play Store intended for tablets, but it's even better to see an existing app's UI updated to accommodate larger devices. Looking to bring Android tablet users a more aesthetically pleasing experience when reading the news, the New York Times Company today updated its app to version 3.0 with an interface that is no longer just a blown up version of its phone-centric counterpart.


That isn't to say the interface is totally new, however. As NYT indicates, the UI is now adaptable, meaning it reacts to your device's display to deliver the most appropriate interface for the form factor. The overall experience of the app remains in tune with that found on other devices, just made smoother for the big screen with the ability to render "more compelling" layouts.

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The Times' 3.0 update also adds "greater control" over Breaking News alerts, at-a-glance peeks into other sections of the paper from the "Top News" page, and of course some performance enhancements and bug fixes.

If you're a New York Times digital subscriber who's been waiting for a better tablet experience, just hit the widget below.

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