It's been a long time coming, hasn't it owners of AT&T Galaxy Tab 8.9's (SGH-i957)? All other variants of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 have been sporting Ice Cream Sandwich for weeks - even months in some situations. And it's finally your turn. I'm genuinely happy for you. Seriously. I am. You waited it out, and you deserve this.

But here's the thing: the update isn't coming OTA. Instead, you'll have to pull this one through Samsung's proprietary Kies application. Don't worry - it's not as bad as it sounds. Just plug your 8.9 into the computer, fire up Kies, and let it work its magic. You don't have to do anything, really.


This update will basically overhaul the entire tablet. Expect a new UI, advanced functionality, tons of new features, and whole lot more. We know you're ready to go ahead and get started, so if you need help - or just want to know what Samsung has to say about this update - head right here. Enjoy!

Source: Samsung