In an update to version 4.2.16, Google's YouTube app has received a (thankfully) refreshed UI for ten-inch screens, along with some bug fixes. The "revamped" UI seems to be the only thing of note in this update (though if there are any hidden goodies, you can be sure Ron will tell us about them soon), but it makes for a great refresh. For the sake of comparison, we'll take a look at a few before and after shots.

Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-12-39 Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-05-29

The app's start page is much cleaner, featuring a side-bar navigation system and bigger, cleaner tiles representing videos relevant to whatever selection you've made, defaulting to your subscription feed. This eliminates the visually fun yet functionally questionable rotunda that greeted users in YouTube's previous iteration.

Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-04-08 Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-05-29 Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-45-00

The navigation panel, by the way, significantly changes how the whole app is organized. Instead of a front page with Home, Browse, and Account tabs, users can browse channels and categories, or their own account all from the side panel, which stays put as the larger pane on the right changes.

Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-29-55 Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-24-42

The video page is also cleaned up – the actual video is much larger, video descriptions live conveniently in a collapsible box in the upper right corner, and recommendations are get the same large-tile treatment we see elsewhere.

Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-49-47 Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-50-30 Screenshot_2012-12-10-21-51-05

The UI is not just cleaner and easier to look at, but its consistent across every page, and more in line with the app's UI on smaller form factors. Users can expect a familiar experience on a phone, seven-incher, or ten-inch slate, whether browsing a channel, looking at recommendations, or taking a look at their own playlists.

If you've got a 10" tablet, just hit the widget below to grab the update.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free