Hey, did you want to do something kind of like Instagram, but without using Instagram? Good news - there's yet another way for you to do that, using Twitter. Here's the changelog:

Create beautiful photos right within Twitter, with filters powered by Aviary.
- Apply one of eight different filters to instantly add a new look and feel to your photos
- Choose a filter by comparing all your options in a convenient grid view or by swiping through each version
- Make your photos pop with balanced light and colors by tapping the auto-enhance wand
- Crop and scale to frame the action the way you want
We’ve also added many other improvements and fixes to this update.

Yes, this does exactly what you think it does. It lets you personalize that super-dramatic photo you took of a godfather sandwich you got at this tiny little place (the bread's totally baked there) tucked away in a part of town you wouldn't ever think to go to - unless you're a local, duh - where the service isn't very good and they have no seating (but you got a chair because you totally stalked this table for, like, 10 minutes) because they know their food's awesome and don't really care, and it's cash only so you had to hit up an ATM down the street - but it was so worth it.

Anyways. Sweet mother of god, the UI is terrible, just look at this crap:

Screenshot_2012-12-10-15-33-03 Screenshot_2012-12-10-15-33-54 Screenshot_2012-12-10-15-34-02


Really, it actually looks that compressed and awful when you're in landscape mode. Pathetic. Regardless, you can grab the update now, it's on the Play Store.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free