One of the biggest problems with the Play Store is that, compared to certain other platforms, its international support for both products and payment systems is comparatively meager. This is, of course, one of the main reasons that earning revenue on Android seems harder for developers. Starting today, though, if you live in Australia and use Telstra, you have one more way to pay: carrier billing.

The rollout comes with special thanks to mobile payment platform Bango. This UK-based company specializes in connecting your wallet to the companies you want to give money to. This is particularly noteworthy since Bango is an international platform. This may mean that Google will be able to accelerate plans to support carrier billing. As of right now, the list of supported countries is relatively paltry:


Still, this is good news for Australians. At least on Telstra. Hopefully we'll see more markets coming soon. As for our international readers, what do you guys think? Which countries and carriers need this the most?

Source: Bango