Baseball is America's game. There's nothing more classic than breaking out the old Louisville Slugger for a round of pick-up, and adding sexy nurses and super-deformed dark knights in no way detracts from the feeling of nostalgia. Such is the case with the well-established Baseball Superstars franchise, which Gamevil is bringing back for another round on Android. The 2013 release was previously restricted to South Korea, Gamevil's home country, but now it's available worldwide with plenty of language options. It's a free download.

What will zero dollars and 48Mb get you? An anime-inspired baseball game with plenty of RPG elements. While the standard pitcher-hitter game is the core of Superstars 2013, it's got an RPG quest system to build up stats and get some extra boost while playing, not to mention recruit wacky players to your team. There's even a rudimentary story with, well, we're not exactly sure what the story is about, but sexy nurses seem to be involved in some capacity. Take a look at those screenshots - doesn't that scantily-clad barbarian in front of a character sheet just scream "take me out to the ballgame"?

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One-on-one multiplayer is included, and like almost all of Gamevil's recent releases, Baseball Superstars uses the in-app purchase model of revenue generation. Root users, don't panic when you get a permission request: Gamevil's just trying to cut down on the cheaters. Deny root permissions and the game will start normally.

Baseball Superstars® 2013
Baseball Superstars® 2013
Developer: GAMEVIL
Price: Free+