The Nexus 4 is unique among Android phones, as it's one of the first to feature glass on both the front and back. As such, thoughts of seeing the brand new handset covered in scratches has haunted my dreams since I first cracked the box open. Fortunately, Spigen has me - and everyone else with an N4 - covered, thanks to the new Steinheil Dual front+back protector.

Now, let me get one thing out of the way: I'm not normally an advocate of screen protectors. In fact, this is the first one I've used in... a long while. I may have forced myself to use them as part of a review in the somewhat recent past, but this is the first time in years I have personally chosen to stick a piece of plastic over the display of my phone. And so far, I don't regret it (for the most part).

wm_IMG_2494 wm_IMG_2495 wm_IMG_2496

For $14, the Steinheil Dual will protect both the screen and the glass back of the N4. Both pieces are cut with precision, so they fit perfectly on the device. However, I found that the front piece is a bit more narrow than I would like for it to be, as it only extends to the edges of the display and not all the way to the outsides of the bezel. This creates very visible lines on the otherwise ultra-smooth face of the Nexus 4 when the display is turned off. The protector is also cut to go around the camera and proximity sensor, creating even more of a line. Of course, this design has its advantages, too: it keeps the protector from peeling up at the corners the way so many other protectors do. That's a good thing, because there are fewer things in this world that I loathe more than that. It looks so sloppy, I just can't stand it. Still, the lines on the front do drive me a little bit bananas - I'm currently trying to adjust.

wm_IMG_2499 wm_IMG_2500

The back, however, is a nearly-perfect fit. It extends all the way to the outer edges around the device, and the cutouts for the camera, flash, and rear speaker are extremely precise. If I hadn't put the protector on myself, I doubt I'd even know that it's there. I'd love to be able to say the same about the front, but alas, that's just not the case.


Still, the point's there: if, like me, you're terrified of scratching your beautiful new Nexus 4, then the Steinheil Dual is a great choice to keep it looking brand new.

Buy ($13.99): Amazon | Spigen