If you're like me, you regularly forget your data cable at home, in hotels or at the 24-hour Pokemon Trading Card Repository. In such cases, 2011's New App of the Year, AirDroid, is a lifesaver. It's an incredibly comprehensive remote management app that lets you access your Android device via a desktop web browser, complete with file management, app installations, photo browser, and lots more. The creators are ready to step up their game with the second version of AirDroid, and have set up an invite-only beta.

airdroid big

The only feature confirmed by the AirDroid team is the ability to create an account and log into remote management from anywhere, which presumably includes mobile networks. This would mirror various PC remote access services, with the notable exception of actual screen control. Given the amount of polish that the original AirDroid already shows, I'm sure there will be plenty more crammed in as well.

airdroid beta

Invites should be going out soon, so sign up if you want to get in. The beta will be three months long, give or take, after which everyone else should be able to join in the party. And if you haven't checked out the original yet, what are you waiting for - it's free!

AirDroid 2 Beta Signup

Thanks, C.L. Tsang!