I hope you like Google Now, because it looks like this product is here to stay for a long time. As we speak, Chrome developers are working on bringing Popular Science's Innovation of the Year to the desktop, instead of keeping it trapped just on your phone or tablet. As it turns out, a "skeleton" framework is already in place for the search product to move in.

Google's not being shy about the existence of this product, but also isn't in a hurry to announce it, either:

Google confirmed that it's working on the project, but stopped short of committing to it. "We're always experimenting with new features in Chrome, so have nothing to announce at this time," spokeswoman Jessica Kositz said.

Is it possible that this won't ever make it to the browser? Sure. It definitely makes a lot of sense, though, doesn't it? While Google Now is fantastic on a phone for discovering nearby attractions, getting movie times, or finding a restaurant, some things are just as suited (if not moreso) to the desktop. Things like package tracking are of interest whether you're home or out and about. Not to mention the "Research topic" card that would probably be more relevant while you're sitting at a computer. "Hey, I saw you were researching the fiscal cliff. Here are a few other related articles." Things like this are brilliant.

Of course, it may be a while yet before we see this rollout. As we've heard before, Google has dozens of new cards to introduce to Google Now. The whole reason they haven't all been added is to not overwhelm users. Since the Chrome framework isn't even finished yet, we can imagine the priority for pushing it out is down the list a bit. Still, it's exciting to know that this product is only going to get better.

Source: François Beaufort via CNET