There are no shortage of image editors on Android. Even Adobe, which makes the class-leading Photoshop, has a version of its editor on the platform. Today, though, Google gets one of its very own: Snapseed. You may recall this particular piece of software when it was demoed by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at CES this year. At the time, it was only available on the iPad where it had won App of the Year in 2011. Shortly thereafter, Google bought the company. Now, the Android version is finally being released.

This video is a bit older and shows off the iOS version, but you get the idea.

snapseed1 snapseed2 snapseed3

The feature set is pretty familiar, but the selection of filters and adjustments is one of the best, and the interface that's designed for both phones and tablets is fantastic. Most image editing apps (including Adobe's offerings) are only available for either one category of devices or the other. This is great news for people who incorporate multiple Android devices into their photography hobby or job.

Of course, what would a new Google app be without Google+ integration? Snapseed has that, too. Oh, and did I mention it's free? Sure is. You can get it via the widget below. As of right now, the Nexus 7 appears to not be supported, however a Google engineer mentioned in this thread that this is a simple metadata issue and an update should be rolling out to fix this shortly. So be patient. Update: Now it's supported! See, that wasn't so bad!

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free