I have a confession to make: I'm usually not a big fan of anything I see as a "novelty" product. Sure, there are cool ideas, but I'm all about usefulness. Things that make life easier, more convenient, or just generally better. I think the DoorBot is one of those things.

The DoorBot, in short, is a W-Fi doorbell with one-way video and two-way chat. Here's how it works: someone rings your doorbell, which notifies you on your phone. You answer it like a call, thus activating the DoorBot's camera so you can see who's there. Then you're free to talk back and forth. Neat, right? Here's my favorite part: it even works when you're not home! That way, if anyone shows up at your door while you're away, you can easily see who it is and find out what they want. That's just convenient.

Not only that, but it also has built-in Lockitron support. So if you need to let someone in, a simple button tap unlocks the door - no matter where you are.

So, where can you get one? Here's thing - you can't... yet. Like so many things these days, DoorBot is a crowdfunded project; thus, they're looking for your support to make it happen. If that's something you wouldn't mind backing, head to the source link to make it happen.

Christie Street (Edison Junior)

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