Getting your hands on Google's latest iconic Android handset seems to just get harder and harder as the holidays approach. Today, T-Mobile has the device back in stock yet again, however, the subsidized price is now bizarrely raised to $400 with a 2-year contract for existing customers. Um, T-Mobile...what?


This is still $100 off the "Suggested retail" price, which hasn't changed, but it's still $50 more expensive than buying it from Google outright. It's unclear if this is a mistake on T-Mobile's part, or if the company has been forced to raise the price for economic reasons. It's also possible that existing T-Mobile customers can get a lower price depending on the state of their contract, but this requires a log in to see.

Update: At least one reader with an existing family plan on T-Mobile was able to purchase the phone for $200 to upgrade one line. So, it looks like existing customers can get the old, much lower price if they're due for an upgrade. However, the site still shows new customers the $399 price all the way through to payment processing, so we wouldn't bet against this being a price bump.


Either way, this thing is quickly becoming hotter than Tickle Me Elmo for holiday purchasing. Or whatever parents are buying for their kids this decade.

Source: T-Mobile