Of all the services that I use on a daily basis, Dropbox is probably the one that I absolutely can't live without. I store nearly everything in it, use it to quickly (and automatically, thanks to FolderSync) transfer screenshots to my PCs, and easily share files with other AP team members, friends, and family. However, the fact that files and folders couldn't previously be moved from within the Android app has always been pretty annoying.

Screenshot_2012-12-05-12-13-05 Screenshot_2012-12-05-12-13-25 Screenshot_2012-12-05-12-18-15

Today, the Dropbox team has updated the app to finally include the feature. Now you can easily move folders and files around within your Dropbox without ever having to turn to the computer. That's just convenient.

Aside from that, the update also brings the always-popular "bug fixes and performance improvements."