One of the biggest benefits of Android is, and always has been, the plethora of available software keyboards. Don't like stock? No problem - there's something out there that will make your typing experience suck less. But what works great on phones may not be so hot on a large-screen devices like a tablets, so there's basically a whole subset of keyboards - or at least keyboard layouts - in that arena.

Enter a newcomer to the tablet keyboard ring: Slice. This keyboard... well, it's insane. Just watch.

Unique? Definitely. Brain-melting? Without question. Practical? You can be the judge of that one. There's a demo version of Slice in the Store so you can give it a shot, and the full version will set you back a five spot if you're ready to commit. If nothing else, you can use it to play Space Invaders.

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Slice Keyboard Demo
Slice Keyboard Demo

The app was not found in the store. :-(