Are you feeling particularly craft-y today? Then you will be interested to know that everyone's favorite handmade marketplace, Etsy has a new Android app. It's never been easier to browse for reasonably-priced knickknacks on your phone.

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The app feels properly designed for Android. Holo elements like the action bar, tabs, and scrolling are all implemented correctly. Although, it doesn't feel like a cookie cutter Holo app either. Oh, speaking of...  I wonder if I could find some Android cookie cutters on Etsy. If you decide to look for something obscure like that, the app's search interface works well. Load times and overall responsiveness are also killer.

Etsy was looking to hire an Android developer back in the fall of 2011, leading us to expect an app to show up. Now it's here, and looks very cool. Just in time for your holiday shopping, right? The Etsy app is free. The stuff you'll splurge on, not so much. Side note: I did not find the aforementioned cookie cutters.

[Etsy Blog; Thanks, Gary]