When it comes to distributing internal software, most companies have a few options: email, shared accounts on things like Box, or websites that specialize in private content sharing. Now, though, Google is making it easy for Google Apps users to easily, privately, and securely share their internal applications though the new Play Store Private Channel.

Basically, this creates a personal section of the Play Store that is only accessible when users log in with their Apps email address and browse the Private Channel. The channel is available for Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government users, and apps can be loaded through the Developer Console by the account owner, much like new apps are uploaded to the public Play Store. This makes it easy to not only spread internal applications, but also to ensure that all users are using the most recent version of the app.


To set up the Private Channel, the Apps admin should simply log in to the control panel, and head into the organizations & users > Services menu and activate the Play Store Developer console for the appropriate users. From there, the Private Channel can be enabled in the Settings > Mobile menu and opt-in to the feature.

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