Amazon just did some price slashing on a scale we rarely see, cutting costs for all sorts of new smartphones across the board. Hit up the list to see what's up for grabs. All of these deals are for both new customers and upgrades.

One X+ (AT&T) - $139.99 ($70 savings)

What more can you say about the One X+ than it's a One X but better? 64GB of internal storage, LTE, and Android 4.1, all on the most beautiful smartphone display I've ever seen. Buy here.


DROID DNA (Verizon) - $149.99 ($50 savings)

The DROID DNA is HTC's latest DROID creation in collaboration with Verizon, and it's also the first mass-market 1080p smartphone in the US. You do like pixels, right? Buy here.


Sprint Flash - $99.99 ($30 savings)

The Sprint Flash is a mid-range smartphone with better-than-average specifications - like a 12.6MP rear camera. It's made by ZTE, but branded as a Sprint device. It packs a 720p LCD display, virtual navigation buttons, and the requisite Sprint LTE. Buy here.


Galaxy Express (AT&T) - $0.01 ($100 savings)

The Galaxy Express is a large-screened (4.5") phone for the budget-minded, but still packs pretty respectable specs, like a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and AT&T LTE. It's got an SD card slot and a pretty beefy (for its price point) 2000mAh battery, and it almost sort of looks like a Galaxy S III. So there's that. But at a penny, it's an undeniably good deal. Buy here.


Xperia TL (AT&T) - $29.99 ($70 savings)

The Xperia TL is the best Sony phone you can buy in the US, and it's also the official smartphone of James Bond. And if it's good enough for James Bond, it certainly could be good enough for you! The TL has Sony's 13MP Exmor R camera, a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, LTE, and Android 4.0. Buy here.


Spectrum 2 (Verizon) - $49.99 ($50 savings)

The Spectrum 2 is actually a pretty powerful mid-range device on Verizon. I've used it, and I have to say, for its price, it's not a bad phone at all. A 720p display and a modern Snapdragon S4 processor pay price to performance dividends that are rare in the middle-of-the-road smartphone segment. It's also really sturdy, and not bad looking. It charges wirelessly, too. Buy here.