Oh Beautiful Widgets, how I love thee. This was one of the very first Android apps that I purchased when I got my OG Droid, and I've been using it ever since. Not just because it's an amazingly-good app, but because LevelUp Studio constantly works to make it better and keep it relevant. And today the app reached v5.

Version 5 brings a whole slew of new stuff, including support for Android 4.2's lockscreen widgets and Daydream feature, a completely overhauled (and far more intuitive) UI, Jelly Bean notifications, and may customizable details.

Screenshot_2012-12-04-10-00-20 Screenshot_2012-12-04-10-00-39 Screenshot_2012-12-04-10-02-35

Screenshot_2012-12-04-10-03-41 Screenshot_2012-12-04-10-03-09 Screenshot_2012-12-04-10-02-54

Beautiful Widgets is easily one of the best widget apps in the Store, and definitely worth the $2.50 asking price. And with v5, it's even better than before. Hit the widget to grab it.

[Thanks, Chris!]

Beautiful Widgets Pro
Beautiful Widgets Pro
Developer: LevelUp Studio
Price: $2.49