In a sight all too familiar to would-be Nexus owners this morning, the Nexus 4 8GB model has once again been listed as "out of stock" on the Play Store. This comes after Google opened up a second round of Nexus sales, which were basically glorified pre-orders, particularly when it came to the 8GB model, which quickly hit a 5-6 week shipping estimate.


Earlier this week, that estimate stretched all the way to 9-10 weeks, and presumably anything past 10 was the tipping point. While it's unclear if Google's shipping estimate actually means buyers won't be getting there for phones for 2 months, or if it's a conservative "worst case scenario," apparently they've taken enough orders that any more would be too speculative (you also have a high risk of order cancellations on such a long wait).

The 16GB model is still available for order ... if you want it in 6-7 weeks.

Oh, Google, it's not really your fault (in some respects), but it's hard not to look at this fiasco and be a little disappointed.

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