When Google Drive was updated yesterday with the new native spreadsheet editor, all other aspects of the update were instantly less interesting. Now that the dust has settled and our excitement for the new editor has become more manageable, there's another nifty feature worth highlighting: the new "copy to clipboard" choice in the global share menu.

Screenshot_2012-11-29-13-48-00 Screenshot_2012-11-29-13-48-18

Now, when you choose to share something via the built-in option in any application, you will see an option for "copy to clipboard" - it was actually a little confusing where this new addition came from initially, but Ron notices every detail that exists in everything and immediately knew it was thanks to the Drive update. Sure enough - there it is as the last little thing in the changelog. Neat.

Of course, not everyone uses Drive. For you guys, there's a similar option: just install this app. It essentially does the same thing, only less Drive-y.

So there you go, the clipboard just becomes about 100 times more useful. Thanks, Google!

[Thanks, Matt and Valerio!