Partnered with Fat Pebble, Zynga officially launched Clay Jam for iOS and Android today, bringing to market a game made entirely of clay. Charged with the mission of saving the land of Clay Jam, players control a ball of clay called Fat Pebble as he rolls down hills collecting clay, avoiding obstacles, and maneuvering about using a "gouge control system."

Clay Jam, which has plenty of hills to roll down and unique hand-built monsters to encounter, is free to play, with optional in-app purchases to "save Clay Jam even sooner." The real story, though, is the impressive thoughtfulness and craftsmanship behind the game. As mentioned earlier, everything is made of clay and hand-built for a cohesive look and feel. The gameplay is simple in concept, but difficult enough to remain entertaining without being too frustrating. Between hills, players can create new monsters to squash, or upgrade their hills.

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If you're looking for a casual game that's both unique and well-made, Zynga and Fat Pebble have delivered your answer. Just hit the widget below.

Clay Jam
Clay Jam
Developer: Fat Pebble
Price: Free+