Update: Many of you in the comments along with @GoogleMexico have confirmed that navigation went live earlier today. Congratulations!

Original story below:

It doesn't mean anything yet, and we'd be hard-pressed to tell you when it will mean something, but if you were to take a look at this help file listing countries where Google Maps Navigation is available, you'll see a relative newcomer to the crowd: Mexico. Countries have appeared here prior to their initial release before, so we can expect that support will be added before too long.


Image via @LuisMedina

Of course, this is no guarantee. We've seen it happen before where a country gets pulled from the supported list. This also implies no timeline. It could be available tomorrow, or it could show up in a month. The only way we'll know for sure is if some of our Mexican readers find themselves able to download it. Or Google officially announces support. One of the two.

We'll be keeping an eye out for this one. As always, if you see any exciting new updates on your device, let us know post haste!

Source: Google