Sailboats do not have a reputation for being particularly exciting, but the new game from Infinite Dreams is looking impressive anyway. In Sailboat Championship, you can run a different kind of race than you're used to. Basically, this title is a little more leisurely than the typical racing game.

You'll be racing against computer-controlled boats in various stunning environments. What this game lacks in speed, it makes up for in atmosphere. The water shimmers flows realistically, putting your device's hardware to good use. There are towering rock faces, reflections, and even inclement weather. There are also a ton of courses, boats, and achievements to unlock.

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Sailboat Challenge should work on most modern devices, but it has been specially optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S III (so says the developer). It's not clear if that means the Exynos or Snapdragon version - or maybe it's not even true. This one is $1.99 in the Play Store if you're interested.

Sailboat Championship
Sailboat Championship
Developer: Infinite Dreams
Price: $4.99