It seems to be a growing trend among manufacturers to show off the process behind creating their products. Today, Samsung joined the ranks, bringing us an inside look of the stress test process that the company's moneymaker undergoes. To ensure that every Galaxy S III can stand up to all the punishment you can throw at it, there are a number of machines that attempt to scratch, crack, or soak the handset to see how well it can hold up. Oh, yeah, and there's an automated ass that sits on the phone over and over again.

If you've ever seen a stress test video, there won't be much here that's entirely shocking, though this clip is in Korean. Just switch on Closed Captioning and enable English translations for some happiness malfunction speech if to translations. Though, no matter how bad the subtitles may be, the robo-butt is understandable across all language derrières barriers.

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In unrelated news, I am twelve years old.

Source: YouTube