Back in January of this year, Qualcomm released its "Snapdragon GameCommand" app in order to highlight games specifically designed with enhancements for Snapdragon processors. Basically, it was Qualcomm's answer to NVIDIA's TegraZone. The only thing is... we didn't really hear much about it past the initial release. And now, Qualcomm has pulled the app from the Store altogether. You can go look - we'll wait.

Once we realized the app was missing, we reached out to Qualcomm for comment. Sure enough - they pulled the app because "[they] feel that GameCommand satisfied its goal of generating consumer awareness of Snapdragon gaming." Moving forward, developers interested in building games for Snapdragon devices are directed to Qualcomm's gaming site, Snapdragon Gaming.


We launched the GameCommand app in November 2011 to educate and excite players on what Snapdragon can do for game graphics and performance.  We are pleased with how it encouraged game publishers and developers to optimize their games for Snapdragon-based devices. Currently there are over 120 games that we have worked directly with publishers and developers to optimize for Snapdragon. As we continue to add more games to our showcase of Snapdragon optimized titles, we feel confident that these games will provide great experiences to consumers on the wide variety of Snapdragon-based devices in the marketplace. 

We also feel that GameCommand satisfied its goal of generating consumer awareness of Snapdragon gaming. Games continue to be an excellent way for Qualcomm to showcase the Snapdragon processors for gaming and our CPU and GPU technology leadership.  Qualcomm is the #1 mobile GPU supplier, so this was a great first step for us to establish our presence in the mobile gaming space. Moving forward we will be encouraging discovery and showcasing Snapdragon optimized games via a gallery on our web site (

And there you have it - GameCommand is dead, but from its ashes rises Snapdragon Gaming, the new web front that encourages developers and enthusiasts alike to build for and buy Snapdragon-powered devices. Hoo-rah.