Google is sending out emails to many of those who ordered Nexus 4's during the first day of availability, and were subsequently told they'd be waiting up to three weeks to get their phones. We're now hearing from numerous tipsters that Google is sending out an email indicating those orders will ship this week. Members of our team have received the email, as well. Here it is:

Your Nexus 4 order is scheduled to ship this week. We’ll send you a notification, including tracking information, when it’s on the way.

Please note that your order will be charged in full when it ships.  As a courtesy and to thank you for your patience, you’ll then receive a credit for the shipping charge within 7 business days.

Thanks again,

The Google Play Team

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You've received this mandatory service announcement email to provide you with important information related to your purchase  from Google Play.

Sounds like a new shipment came in. Now, how long until we see it show back up on the Play Store? We'll definitely keep you updated as this unfolds, because if Google's able to fill those delayed orders, it seems reasonable to guess that sales will resume some time in the relatively-near-future. Our eyes will be 100% peeled this evening. And tomorrow. And the next day. Well, all the time, basically.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!