Netflix has been gently updating and adding features ever since it debuted on Android, and while today's addition isn't earth-shattering, it'll be welcome to anyone with a shiny new Nexus device. The primary addition to the 2.1 update is full support for Android 4.2, but the player UI has also gotten a pretty big facelift. Bigger buttons and more transparent elements make it a lot easier to pinpoint tracking, and the whole thing seems at least superficially faster.

2012-11-26 15.35.32

The nicest change to the player interface is the ability to force full screen. That won't mean much for those of you already on a 16:9 device, but for tablets with a little extra space up top and bottom, the cropping makes for a nice lack of borders. You can also crop 4:3 shows and movies if you really feel the need to, like the Futurama shot above, and there's an instant replay button next to play/pause. The browsing interface remains mostly  unchanged, and a few creature comforts (like a "Next episode" button) are still missing, but overall it seems like a nice update. It's available now for all devices.

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What's in this version:

A brand new player with many added features to help you enjoy great movies and TV shows.
• Large volume button
• Easy scrubbing with new screen stills
• Added support for Android v4.2
• Improved stability and playback bug fixes

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+