AnTuTu is quickly becoming one of the most popular benchmarks on Android, and for good reason: the devotion of its developer to providing timely updates is admirable (even if his talent for GUI design isn't... at all). The bump to version 3.0 brings a host of major changes, including a brand-new OpenGL ES 2.0 3D benchmark, along with a new 2D benchmark specifically for testing (wait for it) 2D gaming performance.

Screenshot_2012-11-26-08-51-44 Screenshot_2012-11-26-08-54-53 Screenshot_2012-11-26-08-55-48

The UI has apparently been updated, too, but that's sort of like spotting the rearranged living room furniture in an episode of Hoarders.

Of course, benchmarks aren't really about aesthetics (well, maybe Vellamo is), so much as they are numbers. And AnTuTu does numbers well. This new release adds the ability to compare scores with popular devices (a la screenshot number three), some anti-gaming measures to stop benchmark trolls, and the requisite various bug fixes. Hit up the Play Store to grab it now.

AnTuTu Benchmark
AnTuTu Benchmark
Developer: AnTuTu
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