If you're like many would-be customers still searching high and low for a Nexus 4, you're likely ready to pounce on any source that's got the device at a price lower than the astronomical offerings over on eBay.

Daily Steals Mobile, looking to end your Nexus 4 woes, is selling the 16GB version, unlocked, for $499 with free shipping. That's higher than the Play Store's price for the same device, but on par with T-Mobile's off-contract price.

Before you scroll down and click through to the "Get it now!" page though, it should be noted that – besides charging more than the Play Store – Daily Steals often takes six days to ship orders, with products sometimes arriving weeks later. To read some first-hand customer accounts, just check out DS' Reseller Ratings profile here.


If you're willing to pay a premium and would rather wait a little longer for your Nexus 4 than sit idly while the Play Store inventory remains "sold out," just head over to Daily Steals Mobile, linked below. If, on the other hand, you prefer faster shipping and direct support from Google, we'd advise you to keep your browser on the N4's Play Store listing and your finger on the F5 key.

Source: Daily Steals