When Samsung first launched the Note 10.1, it had some really solid ideas, but didn't do so well with the implementation. Soon after, the company released the the Note II, which improved on how it handled a lot of things that seemed to miss the mark on the Note 10.1 - namely multi-window, which allows more than one application to be run side-by-side.

Good news, though - Sammy just released a video that highlights the upcoming Premium Suite features that will be part of the Jelly Bean update, and it looks like they made a pretty major overhaul to multi-window. Unfortunately, it looks like it will still only work with Samsung proprietary applications, unlike the feature on the Note II that allows any application to run in split-screen mode.


The update will also bring Air View to the Note 10.1, allowing users to get quick previews by hovering the S-Pen over certain elements in the calendar, email, gallery, and more.


The Premium Suite brings many of the Note II's other features to the 10.1, as well - check out the full video below (12 minutes) to get a taste of what else to expect.


Update: Samsung uploaded 5 more videos that concentrate on Easy Clip, Paper Artist, and Photoshop Touch as well as enhanced S Pen and S Note:






For more info on the update, head here.