It seems like the Android world is getting a ton of extra tablet love in the past few months. Today, Skype joined the party by finally introducing an optimized UI for those of you with a little more screen to love. While the new look is nice, it bizarrely forces your slate into landscape mode. Even on the Nexus 7, you have no choice but to use the wider layout. This probably isn't a bad thing, since it looks great in this mode, and might seem cramped otherwise. Still, this is the only app outside of games we've seen do this, so it's a little jarring. Unless you're on a 10" device that already defaults to landscape mode, in which case you probably won't notice much.

Outside of that great new interface, Skype has also added the ability to login via your Microsoft account. Particularly since the release of Windows 8, Redmond has been pulling a Google, attempting to consolidate and integrate as many products as possible under one account. It's not mandatory that you use this login, much to the relief of the millions of current Skype users, but it is an option. Additionally, call audio should be improved.

You can check out the Skype blog below for a bit more info on the update, or just go download it straight away. It's live right now on the Play Store.

Source: Skype Blog

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