As any aficionado of fine martial arts movies knows, Ong-Bak is a pretty sick film. It has won praise for its snappy visuals and beautiful cinematography, which makes the news that it's becoming a game all the more exciting. According to developer Studio HIVE, Ong-Bak Tri is coming to PC and smartphones very soon. That more than likely means Android.


ongbaktri_screenrelease03_24038 ongbaktri_screenrelease04_24038

Ong-Bak Tri is going to be built on the Unity3D engine, which means it will have great lighting and animations. Because Unity is cross-platform, it should be easy to get the game on Android and iOS without reworking the whole thing. This title is going to be a 2.5D side-scroller, and the early screens are looking extremely nice.

The game will have a lot of combat as well as some free-running sequences. Studio HIVE is working with Ong-Bak's choreographer and director to get the cinematics right. Ong-Bak Tri is in the final stages of development and should launch on several platforms this winter. Fingers crossed that Android is one of them.

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