Many of the sports news apps on Android are either lacking in features or are horrendously ugly. That's why 365Scores is currently storming the charts in Google Play. This app delivers all the news and scores for your favorite teams, and the UI is totally usable.

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The app allows you to set your favorite teams so that it can deliver you relevant news. It gets live updated scores and even some video highlights from certain games. Push notifications can also tell you when your team gets a touchdown or your favorite soccer club scores a goal. 365Scores supports nine different sports: Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey, Handball, Rugby and Volleyball. That should pretty well cover all the fans on Earth.

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While 365Scores doesn't follow all the Holo guidelines, it does not stick out like a sore thumb either. The columns and toggles are straight out of Android, but there is no action bar. That means some devices will have to fall back to the legacy on-screen menu button. This is a free app, so sports nuts, take note.