If you're thinking of getting your little munchkin a Nexus 7, Barnes & Noble Nook HD, 7" Kindle Fire HD, or a similar 7-inch tablet/e-reader for Christmas, then you'll undoubtedly want a way for them to keep it safe. But c'mon - this is your kid we're taking about. They don't want a folio, gel case, or even a nifty Active case for their device. They want something fun. Something unique. Something cute.

They want a case from Buhbo.

"But who is Buhbo?" you may be asking. It's a company that specializes in making cute-ass cases for kids to keep their tablets and/or e-readers in. They actually make them in a couple different sizes: one for larger tablets, like the iPad, and one for smaller devices, like the aforementioned 7-inchers. The company was cool enough to send me one of its mini series to check out. I chose this guy:


His name is Roro, and he's a little robot. He also has some friends: Coco the cow and Momo the monkey, all of which are $30. They're all super cute, but c'mon - how can a geek turn down a robot case? Exactly - it's not possible.

So we've already confirmed that he's a cute little guy - but how well will he protect your child's device (or yours, I make no judgments here)? Quite nicely, actually.

Practically the entire case is made of memory foam which provides some really nice protection for its precious contents. The inside is also lined with velvet, so the device held within will actually be living better than you are. See how relaxed and comfortable my Nexus 7 looks nestled deep within Roro's velvety embrace?


The case stays closed with a pretty large piece of velcro. It does its job - but not to the point where a child can't open it pretty easily. The top also has a little hook, which I assume is a "handle" of sorts for carrying the case. Initially, I didn't trust it. But after swinging the case around for a while (with my N7 in it - yes, I'm brave), I decided it was probably OK to let a little kid carry their tablet this way. It didn't even budge during my tablet swing-a-thon.

wm_IMG_2293 wm_IMG_2297 wm_IMG_2300

As I've already said, the Nexus 7 fits just fine. It will also fit the Kindle Fire HD, Barnes & Noble Nook HD, iPad Mini, and most other 7" devices without issue. I say "most" because there's one standout device (in my opinion) that doesn't work with this case: the Fuhu Nabi 2. It's no fault of the case, though - the Nabi has a huge red bumper all around, which prevents it from fitting into the case. With that said, I was able to get the Nabi to fit without its bumper. It was a bit of a stretch for ol' Roro, but he handled it like a champ. Thus, if your kiddo has the Nabi 2 and uses it without the bumper, this case is still a good choice.

Overall, I really like Roro - especially for kids. Having a few children of my own, I know how rough they can be on things, and this Buhbo case feels like it can handle the beating. All the stitching is tight, the materials feel durable (as durable as cloth can be, that is), and the overall construction just has a quality feel to it.


In other words, yes, I would buy this for my kids. And you can, too - head right here to check out the case reviewed in this article, or here to browse through all of Buhbo's offerings.