Android is far from the first platform Todoist has landed on, but fans of the service have been anxiously waiting. Todoist is a clean, snappy to-do list manager that has a ton of cloud features to keep your busy life under control. The app is free to use in basic mode, but the advanced features are gonna cost you.

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The main interface in Todoist is just a super-minimalist task list organized in chronologic order. It is still recognizable as Todoist to anyone that has used it on other platforms, but it has enough Holo UI elements that it fits in nicely on Android. Without paying anything, you can do the basics like adding/organizing tasks and once daily saving your task list to the Todoist cloud service. All the cool stuff is reserved for those willing to pay $3.99 per month.

The premium subscription gets you features like continuous syncing across all Todoist platforms, SMS/push reminders, colored labels (yes, you have to pay for labels), filters, and more. These are handy features, but is it worth $4 a month when there are plenty of other to-do managers out there? That's up to you.