For whatever reason, there are some users who absolutely can't stand Android 4.2's new lockscreen features, like widgets and the left-to-right swipe gesture that opens the camera. There's even a list of "bugs" with lockscreen widgets over at reddit, citing everything from simple widget removal to the glowing rectangle when the device is unlocked as reasons to hate the feature.

If you fall into that camp and wish you could just get rid of the new tweaks, we have good news: there's a new app that lets you do just that. It's called Lockscreen Policy, and, in a nutshell, disabling 4.2's lockscreen features is its sole task.

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In order for the app to do its thing, you'll first have to make it a device administrator. Past that, you're only a couple toggles away from disabling the features you don't want.

Lockscreen Policy is free in the Play Store - hit the widget to grab it.

Lockscreen Policy (<= KitKat)
Lockscreen Policy (<= KitKat)