I hope you've been paying attention to Harry's teachings for the last six years. You're going to need the code if you hope to avoid getting caught in Dexter the Game 2, which has just been released to the Play Store today. We first heard about this one back in July, before season 7 got underway. Now it's more than half over. Right around the time the story starts to lull before ramping back up to the finale. What better time to unleash your own monster?

dexter1 dexter2 dexter4

The free-roaming environment seems like a neat idea, and from the screenshots it looks like many of your favorite locations have been lovingly recreated. That being said, the graphics look pretty poor, even for a mobile game. Hopefully the gameplay and storytelling aspects make up for this, though, with the ratings it's receiving on the Play Store, that may just be wishful thinking.

Of course, if you've seen season 6 already, you probably already know why a game where you get to pretend to be a serial killer might be a bad idea. Some might even consider it offensive, even as a vicarious thrill.

Dexter the Game 2
Dexter the Game 2
Developer: Ecko Code
Price: $0.99