In a continued quest to bring their handy functionality of the Note line's S Pen, Samsung has again updated the stylus' SDK, this time to 2.2.5 (a 0.0.5 bump over the previous update).

The update, which Samsung announced through its developer blog early this morning, brings one major feature – Multi Window and its related APIs. For those who haven't been keeping up with the Note line, Multi Window is a feature by which apps can share the screen by splitting it in half horizontally or vertically, sharing data through the clipboard or – in some cases – with simple drag-and-drop. The inclusion of Multi Window and its related bits in the new SDK should allow developers to make their apps more Multi Window friendly for those using the S Pen.


Otherwise, the 2.2.5 update deprecates some "unnecessary and duplicate APIs," changes a few names around, and fixes some errors noticed in the 2.2 SDK. Additionally, the SDK includes a generous 20-piece arsenal of sample apps for developers looking to get a hang of each available method when developing for the S Pen.

If you're a developer looking to make your own app S Pen friendly, just check out Samsung's post linked below for the download.

Source: Samsung Developer Blog