I absolutely love classic-style sidescrollers. And there aren't enough of them on Android, which is why I was pretty happy to see Paper Monsters show up. Not only does this game offer some killer throwback style gameplay, but some exceptionally nice graphics, too.


The gist is pretty simple: you're a little cardboard guy who has to save the world from all sorts of paper monsters. The controls are insanely simple, yet effective - the virtual d-pad is on the left, and tapping on the right makes you jump. Tap twice to double-jump. And that's all you need. After spending just a few minutes with this game, it reminds me of a cross between Super Mario Brothers Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns - both amazing games with killer gameplay. The big difference here? This one's only $0.99. Get it below.

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Paper Monsters - GameClub
Paper Monsters - GameClub
Developer: GameClub Inc.
Price: Free+