Twitter's official Android app has gone through a number of iterations, and it's not half bad these days. It might not conform to Android's Holo UI, but the app has many millions of downloads. A new update just hit the play Store, and it should make the experience noticeably better.

2012-11-15 21.19.28 2012-11-15 21.18.45 2012-11-15 21.18.36

The changes in Twitter version 3.5 include:

  • Tweets show photo, video, and article previews so you can engage easily
    get a new perspective when you search.
  • Photo streams show what’s happening
  • Tap and touch streamlined complete redesign
  • Results also show media previews
  • Reset your password in a few simple steps
  • Other improvements and fixes.

The new update does feel a little snappier, but it could be the power of suggestion. Some users report missing notifications after the update to 3.5, but the app might just be wiping out the notification settings. Try re-enabling them in the profile settings.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free